Sylvia Weinstock


Sylvia Weinstock started baking in her country home kitchen, while her husband and three daughters skied down Hunter Mountain. On one of these weekend trips, she was introduced to retired pastry chef George Keller, who took her on as an apprentice. It wasn't long before she was supplying desserts to local restaurants.

Her cakes caught the eye of the New York social elite who wined and dined upstate, opening the door to her first major client, The Carlyle, a luxury hotel in Manhattan. After debuting at The Carlyle, her cakes were in demand by every major hotel and caterer in New York City. Her client list grew to include celebrities such as Oprah, Robert De Niro, Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Michael Douglas, and Jennifer Lopez, as well as prominent families such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers, and the Clintons.

Today, Sylvia's cakes are crafted for clientele from as far as London, Milan, Paris, and Dubai.

Our Process

Sylvia's secret of success is simple: there are no shortcuts.  Her cakes are made of the finest ingredients to ensure every client – down the street or around the world – receives not only the freshest cake but also a delicious work of art. “Never say never” is Weinstock’s response when clients dare her to achieve the impossible: an array of miniature cakes shaped and decorated like Fabergé eggs; cakes that look like cars, cravats, and circus clowns; or a menagerie of fantastic creatures (bunnies, bugs, tigers, terriers, and even an armadillo), all concocted from butter, flour, and sugar.


In 2013, Sylvia Weinstock Licensing was created. This division seeks out global partners to carry on the SWC tradition of art and excellence. The first branded shop, Lily by Sylvia Weinstock, opened December 2015 in Kuwait to service both wedding and celebration cake clients in the Middle East.